Wish I Could of Northeast Louisiana Foundations is a charitable organization that was created and duly incorporated to the laws of the State of Louisiana as a non-profit organization in July of 1984. The organization grants wishes to terminally ill children from the ages of three to eighteen years old in northeast Louisiana. This year makes twenty-six years of granting wishes!

Due to the Privacy Act, Wish I Could of NELA Foundation cannot contact the parents of terminally ill children. If you know of a child with a life-threatening illness, please have the family contact us. We will send them an application that needs to be returned to us along with a letter from the child's physician stating a diagnosis and prognosis.

A physician working with the organization reviews all physician letters received by Wish I Could of NELA Foundation. After he verifies the condition of the child, the report is put before the membership to approve or disapprove the child's wish.

The parents are fully informed of our process and are asked to sign a legal release allowing the organization to fulfill the child's wish. Absolutely no wish is granted without the full consent of the parent and/or physician. We then request an interview with the child and parents (or legal guardian) to discuss the child's wish. We do everything possible to get the child what he/she wants. Our main goal is to make a child happy - "to put a smile on the face of a child."

All the people who work within the organization are volunteers. All the money we receive is raised through donations, fund-raisers, and dues.

We hold monthly meetings at Catfish Cabin located at 1400 Louisville in Monroe.

Meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30PM.

Our membership dues are $12.00 per year. We invite you all to join our organization. We believe that you can never have enough good people in an organization like Wish I Could of NELA Foundation.

Our officers and board members are eager to meet with individuals or groups to give you the complete picture of the organization and how it works.

For more information, contact Wish I Could of NELA Foundation at our mailing address or phone number.

Children's Wish applications are available by clicking this link